Hand painted ornaments by local artist, Dominique Wilmore, will be here soon!

Photo Cred: Brit Buswell @brit.buswell

For the past few years, Dominique "Nikki" Wilmore, has released limited hand painted ornaments. This year we are very excited to be carrying them in our store.  

A little background on Nikki, a local artist and native of the Pacific Northwest, she has been creating her whole life; like a lot of children, she was constantly drawing. Nikki graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central WA University and taught high school art for six years. She has always had her hands in many different mediums.

She is deeply inspired by nature and the connection you can feel being close to God's creation. Nikki loves being outside, and is also an avid ultra trail runner. She is often pushing herself training for races, most notably finishing her 100 mile Badger Mountain challenge, a goal of hers that she accomplished in 2018. She spends a lot of time out on trails in the forest, and taking in mountain views. Many times she will stop in awe of the beauty in nature, that God gave us. Nikki feels that "the sky always give us a sense of hope no matter what hard things we may be going through, or how long its been raining.  Usually at the end of a typical PNW stormy day the sun will peak out just enough before it sets for the night to give us that hope of a better day to come."  That is the feeling she tries to capture, that hope is her inspiration.

Nikki's most recent project with her husband, Jesse, is converting an older van into a "camper van" to take on adventures around the country.  You can follow their camper adventure here.  You can also follow Nikki on Instagram to see what new project she is working on or what trail she's headed on here.  

We can't wait to share her work!  They will be available soon, sign up with your email to find out when they will be released.